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It was a great event. From the time I started working with the students, to witnessing all the Levitra viagra online other performances off stage and buy viagra online off course presenting my own on stage. We need connoisseur's like yourselves to promote and motivate artistes like me. During my travels in India and abroad I have come across infinite personalities in the dance fraternity but I have found that only in the Bay Area there is unity among the different dance schools with healthy competition, free from politics and ego clashes. No artiste is greater than the art itself. If we realise this we can uphold this Divine art wi

Kalaimamani Uma Murali Artistic Director, Subhasheelam Academy of Fine Arts,

Highlights from performances by Kavitha Tirumalai, Nabanita Pal,Sahana Balasubranamya and Charlotte Moraga
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Thank you Kanchana Venkat for partnering with Yuva Bharati this year.