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Yuva Bharati is an amazing organization that creates an excellent forum to perform for post Arangetram students and also for senior artists.

Fremont CA
Yuva Bharati is a non-profit organization formed to promote classical Indian dance in the US. It is registered in State of California and recevied tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) (taxid is 20-4785269) in year 2006.
Our Mission
Yuva Bharati's goal is to preserve and promote awareness of rich tradition of classical Indian dance, music and culture not only among the Indian Diaspora but also among the mainstream audiences.
Our organization strives to provide a platform to Indian Classical Dancers to showcase their talent and spread their art form to a varied and wide audience. It gives classical dance gurus and teachers support and a platform to feature their styles, preserve their legacy, and inspire students and community members. Yuva Bharati is helping in preserving our culture and making sure Indian classical dance enthusiasts get an opportunity to continue their journey in advancing their dance styles.
Well­known classical dancers and artists from India perform on Yuva Bharati platform and the dance enthusiasts are able to receive this enrichment at low cost. These performances help the dancers in the US keep in touch with their art forms and witness some of the rare things like, drawing out a face in sand just by dancing in the sand or keeping the beat and telling a story while dancing on steel plates.
Our Team
Yuva Bharati is a Volunteer Driven organization with over 20 skilled volunteers putting in over 2000 volunteers hours in a year. The Board and Executive Committee members also volunteer their time and provide their due diligence to make sure that each of the concerts is of superior quality, both in performance and experience.
Suresh Kondapalli
Santa Dasu Kondapalli
Sumathi Natesan

Lakshmi Gopal
Shanthi Raja
Sumathi Natesan
Santa Dasu
Krishna Sastry
Shobana Swamy (Swara Lahari)
Yamini A | Ram B | Usha B | Asha D | Raka G | Suchita G | Lakshmi G | Kalyani K | Santa Dasu K | Suresh K | Teja K | Lakshmi P | Shanthi R | Kalyani K | Kavita S | Krishna S | Shobana S | Ganesh V | Raji V | Anu Y
Ramesh Ayyagari | Steve Hall | Eric Lind | Don Cirlin | Robin Lee | Suresh Kondapalli | Santa Dasu Kondapalli | Yamini Alluru | Usha Pidaparty | Usha Balaraman | Anu Yagati | Damodara Rao Dasu | Vimala Dasu | Jerry Barr | Krishna Sastry | Shobana Swamy
Our Journey since 2006
Since its inception in 2006, Yuva Bharati has: Apart from organizing live Indian Classical concerts, Yuva Bharati telecasts weekly TV program titled Pushpanjali that presents excerpts from our live dance concerts. This TV program is one of the top 3 finalists for the WAVE award in 2009 and 2011. Video archives hit on average 2500 viewers a month.
Yuva Bharati has received grants from Silicon Valley Creates, Arts Council Silicon Valley and Alliance for California Traditional Arts, and Sponsorship from individuals and matching gifts from corporations such as Cisco Systems and Microsoft Inc.
About Swaralahari
Swara Lahari is the classical music wing of Yuva Bharati. Swara Lahari promotes both upcoming and senior artists. 30 minute Classical Indian music concerts are recorded in Television studios and the programs are telecast every week in the San Francisco Bay Area.