About Us

Yuva Bharati is a non-profit organization formed to promote classical Indian dance in the US. It is registered in State of California and recevied tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) (taxid is 20-4785269) in year 2006.

Mission of Yuva Bharati is to promote classical Indian dance in USA among youth. Yuva Bharati provides stage for solo performances for upcoming artists. It also invites dance teachers and senior artists to perform inspirational performances.

Yuva Bharati Concerts include solo performances, new choreographies and collaborations by artists. The concerts are funded by concert sponsors and members. They are held in local Bay Area theaters.

Swara Lahari is the classical music wing of Yuva Bharati. Swara Lahari also promotes both upcoming and senior artists. 30 minute Classical Indian music concets are recorded in Television studios and the programs are telecasted every week in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more info click here

  • Executive Committee
    • Usha Balaraman
    • Raka Gupta
    • Lakshmi Gopal
    • Shanthi Raja
    • Divya Sundaram
    • Shobana Swamy (Swara Lahari)

  • Board Members
    • Suresh Kondapalli
    • Santa Dasu ( Kondapalli)
    • Sumathi Natesan
    • Yamini Aluru

  • Youth Coordinator
    • Suchita Gupta

  • Yuva Bharati Volunteers
    • Nilufer Gunti, Mukund Gunti, Ganesh Vasudeva
    • Krishna Sastry, Teja Kondapalli, Sahiti Reddy
    • T. K. Subramanian, Vijaya Saradhi Chilakamarri

  • Swara Lahari Volunteers
    • Ramesh Ayyagari, Vasanthi Venkatraman,
    • Steve Hall, Eric Lind, Don Cirlin, Robin Lee
    • Yamini Aluru, Suresh Kondapalli,
    • Usha Pidaparty, Usha Balaraman,
    • Anu Yagati, Damodara Rao Dasu, Vimala Dasu, Jerry Barr,
    • Krishna Sastry, Santa Dasu, Shobana Swamy

  • Feeback from Dance Teachers
    • Mrs. Vishal Ramani, Artistic Director of Shri Krupa Dance Company, San Jose, CA
      • "Yuva Bharati collects each ray of brilliance in a dancer and creates the blazing and resplendent SUN; my Congratulations!!! "

    • Dr. Uma Rama Rao, Founder Director, Lasya Priya Hyderabad, AP, India
      • Your mission inspires not only upcoming dancers but also the teachers and gurus in U.S.A. to expose and exhibit their respective talents and knowledge in different facets of dance.A great service to Indian culture and its ancient heritage. With best wishes.

    • Dr. Rathna Kumar, Founder-Director ANJALI Center for Performing Arts, Houston, Texas
      • "Yuvabharathi" is an extraordinary response to a dire need today - of recognizing talent and providing both an opportunity and a platform for outstanding young artists in this country who have taken up Indian classical arts seriously and have pursued it against all odds. My best wishes to the founders of this trailblazing organization, particularly Santa Dasu, whose tireless efforts have resulted in Yuvabharathi's creation. Good luck in all your artistic endeavors

    • Mrs. Viji Prakash & Mythili Prakash, Shakti School of BharataNatyam , Los Angeles, CA
      • I am very happy that a few enthusiasts of art have decided to start Yuva Bharati! I believe this organisation will grow and flourish. Yuva Bharati will give the student of dance an impetus to continue to study the dance after the arangetram.Since there will be a forum of critical appreciation for the student-dancer, the concept of the arangetram as the beginning point , not the conclusion of the dance training will be reaffirmed, and students of dance will continue to practise with the same effort and dedication they did for the arangetrams. Yuva Bharati has my support and good wishes

    • Mrs. Suganda Iyer , Jayendra Kalakendra , San Jose, CA
      • Yuva Bharati has a noble charter to nurture and keep alive the tradition of Indian Culture by giving budding artists a platform to showcase their talent. We wish Yuva Bharati the very best.

    • Mrs. Sangita Vasudevan, Dance Teacher, Cupertino, CA
      • "Yuva Bharati" aims to provide encouragement to young aspiring dancers by giving them a forum to perform. Congratulations and I wish you success in your mission

        Yuva Bharati's commitment to Indian Classical Dance and Music is commendable.

        Not only does it provide a platform for talented young dancers and musicians to perform, it also gives the much needed exposure of the classical art forms to the younger generations.

        The concerts are conducted in a very professional and aesthetic manner, very much to the satisfaction of the art connoisseurs.

    • Mrs. Shyamala Karra, Artistic Director, NUPUR School Of Kuchipudi Dance, San Jose
      • Yuva Bharathi has opened new avenues to both the teachers as well as the enthusiastic and talented performers. A great platform to perform, improve and achieve new goals , Congratulations! way to go!

    • Mrs. Vidhya Subramanian, Artistic Director, Lasya Dance Company, Cupertino, CA
      • Yuva Bharati's goal to promote young talent in Indian classical dance is commendable and a necessary service to the cultural scene in the bay area. I support this cause and hope for their continued growth and achievement of their long term goals.

    • Asha Ramesh, Artistic Director , Ragamalika School of Music, San Jose, CA
      • Swaralahari is doing a great service to the Indian Music Fraternity by providing a platform for established senior artists,as well as upcoming students of this ancient art form. Their reach is so wide in the Bay Area and that in itself is a testament to their tireless effort in creating awareness to Indian Music and reaching out to the North American audience, both Indian and Non-Indian. Kudos to the volunteers at Swara Lahari.Keep up the good work.

    • Mythili Kumar, Artistic Director , Abhinaya Dance Company, San Jose, CA
      • Congratulations on Yuva Bharathi’s five year track record of presenting classical dance and music performances by young artists and teachers in the Bay Area as well as performances by guest artists.

        Due to the growing population of Indian Americans in the Silicon Valley, the number of students who dedicate themselves to learning the classical arts of India offered by various schools in the Bay Area has increased tremendously. Since dance is a performing art form, these dancers need a platform to present and polish their work and after several years of learning and performing their arangetrams or solo dance debuts, they rarely get opportunities to perform unless they are part of a dance company (like ours-the Abhinaya Dance Company) that produces concerts regularly. Yuva Bharathi has consistently filled this void with its sponsorship of several concerts annually in the past five years for these young dancers. The youth choreography showcase introduced in the last two years has also generated great interest and provided challenges to these young artists.

        In addition, many new immigrants to the area are also highly trained dancers from India and need an introduction to the Bay Area audiences. Yuva Bharathi has successfully introduced them in their concerts as well. To have done all of this with the help of only nominal membership fees, and a few sponsorships is indeed very creditable and it speaks highly of your core group of volunteers who have made this possible. Dance connoisseurs in the Bay area have been greatly benefited by these presentations from Yuva Bharathi.

        I extend my best wishes to you for your continued success and hope that your organization will serve to inspire these next generation dancers to preserve the standards and quality that our ancient classical music and dance traditions deserve. Congratulations again.

    • Nirupama Vaidhyanathan, Artistic Director , Sankalpa Dance Foundation, Fremont, CA
      • Yuva Bharati provides a valuable service by accomplishing two goals.

        1) It gives young upcoming dancers an opportunity to perform solo after their formal dance debuts have taken place. This opportunity is rare because the environment is such that only group shows help sell tickets and cover production costs.

        2) It helps established dancers and teachers collaborate and work together.

    • Srilatha Suri, Artistic Director , Natyanjali Kuchupudi Dance School,, Plano, TX
      • Yuva Bharati's aspiration to encourage and showcase budding younger generation artists and accomplished Teachers in USA to showcase their artistic accomplishments in Indian classical dance is laudable .

        I would like to congratulate Ms.Santa Dasu garu and Yuva Bharati team for their untiring efforts for all these years .

        Congratulations and Best Wishes in all your future endeavors !!!

    • Sandhya Sree Athmakuri, Artistic Director , NatyaDharmi, Rochester Hills, MI
      • "Yuva Bharati", true to it's name, is a wonderful platform that brings together, not only professional artistes who have migrated to the United States and who intend to propagate the rich cultural heritage of India, but also young and upcoming aspirants in the field of Indian performing arts who are born and raised in the United States… Diverse art-forms, innovative concepts and creativity are brought under one roof, thereby adhering to the spirit of unifying the art and the artistes.

        Teamwork, heartfelt volunteering and an encouraging attitude are the Hallmarks of 'Yuva Bharati' that I feel are enabling it to rise to be a premier organization.

        It gives me great pleasure in making these heartfelt comments about 'Yuva Bharati' and 'Natya Dharmi', Foundation for Performing Arts, extends its best wishes to the organization on its 5th year of successful endeavor.

    • Revathi Komanduri, Director , Srivaani Kuchipudi Dance Academy,, Atlanta, GA
      • I have seen the progress of Yuva Bharati since its inception five years ago, and the growth of the organization ever since has been tremendous and truely commendable.

        You have been serving young talented artistes in classical dance and music, ancient art forms from India and have provided a wonderful platform for them to perform, and preserve our cultural pride and heritage. The work you have done has been very fruitful, of good quality and continious.

        It is very important that this organization survives and serves the community more as we as Non - Profit organizations ourselves need the support of Yuva Bharathi for our further productions.

    • Himabindu Challa, Artistic Director , Nrityananda School of Kuchipudi Dance, Fremont, CA
      • The Bay Area dance community is grateful for the existence of a committed organization like Yuva Bharati. There are very few organizations in the entire country that provide such a wonderful platform for the upcoming artists. I personally appreciate their professionalism and transparency.

        Even though it's a relatively young organization, Yuva Bharati has already presented a number of consistently high quality programs. Their showcase event for young choreographers, "Kalpana",is one of the highlights of the Bay Area dance calendar.

        May you achieve great heights and inspire communities all over the country to emulate your aims.

    • Deepa Mahadevan, Artistic Director , Tiruchitrambalam, Fremont, CA
      • It is amazing to watch an organization grow in such a short time and become one of the leading organizations dancers, parents, choreographers and teachers look upto as a forum for performing. Yuvabharati from its inception has been giving top priority to quality of production. With a team of impartial board members makes getting selected to dance in Yuvabharati a prestigious one for all the schools in the Bay area and outside.

        Yuvabharati's productions are always staged in a highly professional manner in good theatres with importance given to lighting, sound and immaculate stage management which relieves dancers and choreographers like me of any last minute tensions thereby ensuring a stress free performing experience. Having watched Yuva Bharati grow, I attribute the exalted position the organization has risen to the core team of YB. Most of them work in corporates and bring thier great work ethics coupled with extreme integrity to the running of YB, thus making lot of standardization in procedures and practices. This standardization of procedures also makes many get involved in the core running of the Organization.

        Every time I go to Yuva Bharati there is a varied volunteer group working for them thus ensuring larger community participation and involvement. I would not be doing justice if I don't mention their constant thirst for innovation. Adhering to the core purpose of the organization of giving opportunity to youth to showcase their talent, the organization has been constantly coming up with innovative concepts and events. Kalpana, a student choreography event was definitely a trend setter and brought a great deal of interest and enthusiasm in the students of the art form. Swaralahari, Pushpanjali, Jagadananda karaka are all projects of YB, I would say intelligently conceptualized to be in synch with the purpose of the organization. As a director of an institution I look forward to be associated with YB in any manner to be part of this mini revolution they are bringing to the performance scene in the Bay area and all over the United States.

    • Radhika Shankar, Bharata Nrityam and Bharatnatyam Teacher and Performer , Fremont, CA
      • Yuva Bharati is an amazing organization that creates an excellent forum to perform for post Arangetram students and also for senior artists. The time consuming aspects of finding theatre, advertisement are all taken care by the organization. The students practice and come with a CD and perform.

        The Kalpana event that happens every year gives youngsters opportunity to showcase their choreography talent. We get to see talent in various dance styles.

    • Charlotte Moraga, Director , Chitresh Das Youth Dance Company, San Jose, CA
      • Yuva Bharati does a very valuable service to the community by promoting and supporting Indian Classical Dance. Their focus on education and preservation through promotion of the arts and artists themselves is of great value to our global heritage.

    • Rasika Kumar, Principle Dancer , Abhinaya Dance Company, San Jose, CA
      • Yuva Bharati does a very valuable service to the community by promoting and supporting Indian Classical Dance. Their focus on education and preservation through promotion of the arts and artists themselves is of great value to our global heritage.

    • Preeta Seshadri, Bharatanatyam Teache, Cupertino, CA
      • Over the years, Yuva Bharati has played a very major role in promoting Indian classical dance forms in the bay area. They give opportunities to young budding dancers and also professionals thereby creating a variety of opportunities for all dance schools and students to relish and enjoy the art. I would like to congratulate Yuva Bharati and all the volunteers who work behind the scenes for all their great selfless service and also wish them the very best for all their future endeavors.

    • Niharika Mohanty, Principle Dancer , Guru Shraddha Odissi Dance School, San Francisco, CA
      • Yuva Bharati is an excellent organization for promoting Indian classical dance. It is very unique in its function in the Indian dance community in especially promoting the young dancers and providing a platform for their growth, while also developing an audience to appreciate these dancers and Indian classical dance. Solo dance is ultimately where an Indian classical dancer must prove herself/himself, and so this opportunity is invaluable for upcoming talents. Yuva Bharati also promotes the creative choreography of young dancers.